Case Studies:

A book publishers image management system 

The Client

A multinational publishing company, specialising in reference books for all ages. They focus on providing expert knowledge on almost any subject in multiple languages across the globe. 

The Need – An image management system

The client uses a large quantity of images procured from a wide variety of sources. Every image needs to be attributed correctly to the original source and appropriate royalties paid, either as a single payment or as ongoing monthly, quarterly or annual payments. This needs to be tracked and recorded so that all recurring costs are paid on time and at the appropriate time. 

Different sources will use different terms of use and this needs to be tracked for each image and source. 

The Process

Through a series of consultative meetings with staff, we gathered an understanding of how the information is used, which departments within the client are involved, and the requirements at each stage. This resulted in a solution which tracks image use and the terms of use, provides monthly reports on fees, and allows full auditing of images across their portfolio. 

The Solution

Compass Data designed a custom image management system using Claris FileMaker, which tracks all the information relating to each image including a thumbnail image, a description, it’s use in publications, author, source, fees and much more. This information can then be collated in a series of reports on a weekly and monthly basis and then sent to finance for payment. The solution allows each image to be searched by keyword for use in new publications and provides a full audit record for each image. 

The Result – A comprehensive image management system

The new system greatly reduced the time and resources required to manage the collection. It ensures the payments are on time, in line with agreed terms and this greatly  improves supplier relationships. This in turn has improve the terms of business between the client and suppliers, saving both time and money.