What is a proof of concept (POC)? 

What is a proof of concept and why use one?
Before you invest in any idea for your business, the more comfortable you can be that it will actually add value, the better. The idea of a proof of concept (POC) is to design and build a scaled down version of the system, along with the necessary processes needed, to test the idea and whether it can realistically be turned into reality. Not only that, it also gives an opportunity to explore the financial potential of the system to reduce costs or increase revenues.

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The Business Case for Custom Software 

Businesses of all types and sizes depend on software for managing their activities. Whether it’s a simple Excel spreadsheet or a more complex application, the effectiveness of the chosen approach is fundamental to successfully innovating and growing the business whilst increasing profitability. So why use custom software?

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Claris FileMaker – the only system you ever need

The FileMaker platform is often described as being limited by only one thing – your imagination. Investing in the platform delivers endless development potential.

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Using Rapid Application Development and FileMaker to turn good ideas into business efficiencies.

Using technology to drive competitive edge starts with having the right foundation in place. This is where Claris FileMaker is advantageous. Geared for supporting rapid development, it is the perfect tool to develop, test, and iterate new solutions in quick succession, creating one operational app right after the other.

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Merry Christmas to you all

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Audit Logging

Audit logging in FileMaker

Until now, Claris® FileMaker has not had a native auditing capability, relying instead on third party add-ons. Claris® FileMaker 2023 resolves this by having the capability built natively which makes it easy to design correct audit logging for each bespoke application.

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Why is quality data important to a growing business.

Quality data is critical to the success of a company, allowing greater sales performance and customer service. Compass Data explore why.

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Understanding Claris FileMaker backup’s

Compass Data always recommend that clients have a documented back up strategy for their systems no matter how simple. What are your options?

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Updated Claris roadmap released

In September 2023 Claris decided to combine the power of Claris Studio, along with Claris Connect to work seamlessly with the existing Claris FileMaker Platform.

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