Software Project Rescue

What do you do if your bespoke software project has gone wrong?

There are many reasons why bespoke software projects need rescuing, but the impact is usually that you’re left with an incomplete or failing system and a business that’s suffering as a result. You need to get things back on track and fast, but how to do that?

Why Do Software Projects Fail?

Here at Compass Data Solutions, we have helped a many different clients, both large and small, recover from failing projects caused by:

    • Software produced that isn’t fit for purpose.
    • Development companies or developers going out of business mid-project.
    • The developer was an independent consultant who has taken another job.
    • Falling out with a development company or developer due to project slippage or poor quality.
    • Outsourced projects that are poor quality or unfinished.
    • Software produced uses inappropriate or outdated programming languages.

Project Rescue by Compass Data Solutions

Having been developing bespoke software for over 28 years, our experienced developers and analysts have seen many situations like those above. Our experts can quickly get to the root of any problem and devise an action plan to rectify the issues quickly to get you back on track. This means you can focus on the day-to-day operation of your business whilst we handle the technical challenges.

Some of the ways we have rescued software projects include:

    • Recovering lost or damaged code within scripts and web servers
    • Investigating complex errors and rebuilding scripts so in-house teams can continue to work on the system.
    • Fine tuning slow databases to improve performance.
    • Taking on old systems written using out of date techniques, maintaining them, and then updating them with new processes.
    • Rewriting or fixing bugs in poor quality systems
    • Documenting code
    • Supplying additional resource to your in-house team
    • Training in-house developers in best practices and enhancing existing skill level.
    • Integrating with third party applications to ensure your data is available to all systems required to manage your business.

Do you have any concerns about an ongoing project? Let us help you to get it back on track.

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