Case Studies:

Asset tracking for a Theatre Prop supplier.

The client

A supplier of props and scene items for theatre productions, this client provides everything from chairs to telephones, kettles to suitcases for shows across Europe. They are involved in West End shows as well as touring companies. 

The Need – Asset tracking and management

The client needed a system to manage their assets, tracking these assets against the shows or performances that they are used in. They also needed a catalogue of items to show prospective clients, giving a choice of items so their suitability can be assessed and approved. The original approach used a paper catalogue which could not be easily updated or show current product availability. 

The Process

Having worked with the client for some time, we developed a bespoke asset management system based on discussions around workflows and processes across all parts of their business. 

The Solution

Following the consultative planning process. we developed a custom solution which provides real time information about every product in their catalogue, from almost anywhere in the world.

The system contains all the information expected from a catalogue, images, description, etc but also the original supplier, item cost and lead time for new purchases. It logs all the shows where the prop has been used as well as the locations of usage. Now when discussing a new show with a client, they can now show what props are available, what have been used in a show before in any production and can book a prop for a show, all from an iPad or PC anywhere in the world. 

Management can run reports on availability forecasted requirements and order new stock for the system as required. 

The Result – a bespoke Asset Tracking system

The move to the system has resulted in improved sales cycles, customer satisfaction and increased business. It not only addresses the current need for an asset management system, but it also gives an ideal starting point for future integration with email and financial office applications.