Why Compass Data

We help you solve your problems to drive your business forward

Whether a business owner, department head or team lead, the problems and pressures faced in improving efficiency, reducing time and costs to maximise profits or remain within budget are constant.

At Compass Data it is our mission to address these issues in all of our projects, to ensure that the digital transformation we bring to your business brings you genuine cost savings as well as improved profitability.

Just some of the business problems we can help you with:

Process Simplification

By helping you develop custom systems which automate repetitive aspects of your processes, we help you realise improvements including accurate and up to date information at all times and removing delays. Ensuring that information is shared across all those who need it, when they need it without having to ‘chase around the premises to ask someone’. Automation also reduces the amount of training time needed for new staff as manual processes often need knowledge gained through experience and can be too reliant on one person.

Cost Control / Analysis

As all the correct information is held within a single system, reporting and analysis is made very simple and accurate. Many companies still work from multiple spreadsheets that usually require time to collate, and which can result in a subjective and perhaps unintentionally biased. The correct system will allow all users to have access to the necessary reports real time, dependant on their role and/or permissions allowing the best decision making across every level of the organisation. This ensures that true costs are visible and controlled, reducing cost and wastage.

Improved Lead-times

Having the right systems in place you will be able to provide a better service to your clients through improved lead-times. Fast accurate information flow and pre-populated forms / fields mean that the current information is available to the right person at the right time, reducing hold ups and errors. Changes to the required product or service can also be implemented quickly and easily as it only needs to be input once and the information is automatically shared across the team.

Reducing Errors

By using the correct systems, data only needs entering once which reduces the number of potential errors. By simplifying the process through automation, the repetitive tasks will be carried out correctly. Moreover, automation will both reduce the training time and remove the reliance on individuals thus protecting you from unexpected events and staffing issues – two of the biggest business problems.

Business Growth

As a business grows it can soon outstrip the capabilities of existing systems and processes. The approaches and systems used by a small company often do not scale to address the needs of the larger company it becomes. It is no longer viable to rely on knowledge and Excel spreadsheets, or off-the-shelf systems as they may not offer the flexibility or scaling necessary. Indeed the cost of adding users can become prohibitive. A bespoke solution can scale exactly to meet your system demands. It can start small, adding users and functionality as required, it never goes out of date or restricts how you can flex to address new business opportunities.

Merger, Acquisition or Sale

It is quite common for the internal systems of a company to be critical in any merger or sale of a business. A good and efficient management system gives confidence that the company is well run and that reported information is correct. It can be a condition of sale or purchase that such a system exists. A bespoke system maximises your control on the business and minimises the risks associated with mergers and sales of a company.

Why custom software?

Processes tailored to your business will both reduce the training time and remove the reliance on individuals, protecting you from unexpected events and staffing issues – two of the biggest business problems.

Having worked with a wide variety of clients in both the public and private sectors means that we have the experience to build custom applications for you to improve workflow, integration and profitability.

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How we work

Everything we do begins with you, the client and the results you want from the system.

By fully understanding both your business and your goals we can build a system which totally matches them so you don’t need to adapt to meet the preconceived ideas of a system developer.


Our Approach

We use the best industry practices to build your perfect system, based completely on your exact requirements. We take time to discuss and fully understand what you need to achieve and design the system to match this. Our choice of technology and Agile development approach ensures the best solutions are used to give users an intuitively simple interface encouraging full acceptance of the system both at inception and long term.

Designing and building the system is only half the story. We also offer Support services for when the system goes life. Whether it’s training, documentation or remedial services, we’ve got it covered.

What our clients have to say

CEO – UK Charity

The team at Compass Data really made a difference.

MD – Logistics Company

The new system makes such a difference – it’s quicker, faster and much easier to use.

Chairman – Automotive sales & distribution

Within 12 months our revenue grew from £9M to £12.6M, all down to improved working and the new system. It allowed us to open new routes to market quickly and without fuss.

Operations Director – Manufacturing Co

Using the new system for our product quotations meant we could get quotes out to clients faster and being able to automatically push orders into Sage reduced order processing times and reduced errors. Our clients love it.

Trusted to deliver the right solution for you

We work with a wide variety of clients in both the public and private sectors, building custom applications to improve workflow, integration and profitability.

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