Claris FileMaker

Claris FileMaker provides the perfect solution to your business problems

Claris FileMaker provides the perfect platform for rapid, custom software development to create a bespoke solution to any business need. FIleMaker systems can start as a single application ‘kernel’ and grow into full Business Management systems as desired, allowing a steady and planned development without  a large initial budget or a crystal ball.

FileMaker Technology

Trusted by over 50,000 businesses around the world, large and small, Claris FileMaker is a workplace innovation tool that allows you to develop a unique business system supporting your unique needs and objectives. Simple and affordable and recognised by both Gartner and Forrester as market-leading, it is a low-code development platform that works seamlessly across all of your devices.

Working too hard managing dozens of separate on-premise and cloud apps? Connect and automate those apps so they work for you instead. Manage marketing leads, track IT tickets, facilitate orders, and more.

FileMaker is an extremely stable platform and is used by over 1M clients to transform their workplaces. FileMaker allows you to remove many of the barriers that constrain your business growth.

Our Experience

Having been developing FileMaker-based solutions for over 20 years we are one of the most established FileMaker partners in the UK with a team of experienced certified developers, all certified to the latest releases. (click here to learn more about Claris Certification)

As well as our development knowledge, we have many years of active experience in multiple market verticals from Finance to IT, Charities to Government, local and central, developing business solutions against real-world needs and have the skills, which allow us to use all this experience in analysing your needs and objectives.

Our senior management team have all worked in large corporates and have all set up and run their own businesses so fully appreciate the issues that relate to all sectors and companies, great or small.

Our developers continuously share their knowledge and experience with each other, ensuring that they all build systems in the best and most up to date way. They usually work in teams so that there is always more than one person familiar with a client system involved to prevent issues should one be absent.

Project Management

All projects are fully project managed by trained Project Managers.

Once the system is built, comprehensive testing is undertaken internally and with the client’s users to ensure that all requirements are met.

We use an agile style of development but will always make clients aware of the impact of the changes in terms of time and budget so decisions can be taken regarding when these changes should be implemented.

Did you know that a custom software solution will improve your customer satisfaction levels?

Learn more about how FileMaker can make your business more effective

Did you know that a custom software solution will lead to improved customer satisfaction levels?

Learn more about how FileMaker can make your business more effective