Case Studies:

Architect’s new systems improve performance

Interior Design Bespoke Management system

The Client

Our client is a multi-award winning architect, interior design and engineering business, who primarily focus on corporate interiors, architecture, education and healthcare projects.

The business challenge

The client has grown significantly since its inception in 1996 and has, over the years, developed internal processes to manage marketing, sales and projects utilising a variety of applications as well as paper-based forms.

Excel was used extensively to track budgets, targets, ROI, as well as a variety of other data relating to the client and project. This worked well and addressed the requirement of the business, but as with any ad-hoc solution a time comes when it the needs of the business outgrow the technology / solutions being utilised.

After reviewing the various options, the client chose to engage our team to develop a workplace innovation application to automate and digitally transform the workflow and business processes relating to marketing, sales and project tracking.

The business solution – A bespoke management system

We built a custom application around the client’s well tested and proven workflow processes, with the view to improve and innovate the methodology of data management, metrics and accountability.

This bespoke management system was designed to be elegant and simple to use, multi-lingual, and be available for the entire team to access relevant data to enable staff to perform more effectively and ensuring data integrity and reliability in a multi-global environment.

The Result

The solution has become the mainstay of the management team and has improved the business management capabilities significantly.