Case Studies:

Improving performance management for a national opera company

A new performance management system gives a winning performance

The Client

A national opera company, which presents world-renowned operatic performances for audiences of all ages. They deliver performances to over 200,000 people a year between their home location and an annual tour. They produce shows of both traditional operas and new works across the year, both within the UK and across the world.

The Need

Compass Data were approached to investigate the development of a FileMaker system to assist in all aspects of the performance from production through promotion to the actual performance, covering information relevant to the production such as:

  • Previous recent performances and reviews
  • Performer resumes
  • Costumes
  • Props
  • Media Coverage
  • Advertising
  • And much more

Currently this information is held on spreadsheets within separate departments and as such requires extensive manual updates and duplicate entries. It also means that there is no single source of reliable information across the whole production.

The new performance management database would provide real time information relating to each performance covering all aspects of the performance.

It also needed to be possible to provide reports for each production as well as importing and exporting of Excel and.csv list for various purposes.

The Process

Following our normal consultative approach, we carried out a series of meetings with the client to define their workflows, information requirements and UI preferences. Based on this and our experience in designing similar systems for similar clients, we developed wireframes and process flows for approval before commencing development work. Once approved, the system was developed and offered for testing and final approval.

The Solution

We developed a custom performance management system for the client which can be used to project manage every aspect of the production from launch to execution. It records the
promotion of the event, the logistics involved with the production, cast profiles, costume information including previous use, location, availability, and much more. After the event media reviews are added to the system.

It provides a single window for all aspects of the performance, greatly simplifies operations and reduces duplication often seen with multiple spreadsheets. As it is available from almost an location, domestic or international, it gives all staff visibility from anywhere and greatly speeds up processes and decision making.

The system reporting ensures that staff and management are fully aware of the status of productions and any actions / decisions required, greatly improving productivity and efficiencies.

The Result, a new performance management system

We delivered a system which greatly enhanced the client’s management of productions by providing a single source of information, available to all in real time reducing the time necessary to track and assimilate information for both operational use and management reporting.

The new system greatly reduced time and complexity for all staff. They can track every performance, its reception and those involved. This information can then be used to plan future productions and the best cast to use.