Case Studies:

New Gallery Collections Management System

A world renowned artist invests in a new collections management system


Our client

A world-famous artist owning several galleries in London and France, required a better way to organise and track his extensive collection of artworks.  He was looking for a means to collate all the information about each piece of art including the design, production, and ongoing provenance of the pieces. He needed to track his artworks, who he loaned them out to, where its stored along with who it was sold to.


The problem

Using a series of spreadsheets, word documents and other paper-based documentation, the client was finding it increasingly difficult to manage all the different types of information and staff were often frustrated when information went missing or was unclear. It also became apparent that staff were relying on individuals’ memories to track items and shipments. When staff were out of the office or on holiday, delays were often incurred by being unable to access information.


The process

By following a consultative approach to understanding the artist’s requirements, his portfolio and partner ecosystem, using FileMaker, we developed a collection management system which met the initial requirement of providing a solution which tracked and managed all aspects of the artwork. Subsequently the solution has also been extended to include paintings, design models and drawings.


The Solution – A Gallery Collection Management System

We developed a custom application to provide a unique collection management system that contains all the information on the items in the various collections. Including a full description, images, dimensions, financial information, and location where each item is stored or on display. It records who was involved in the production of the item and the gallery which was involved in selling a piece. It tracks shipping consignments to and from different galleries and exhibitions including dates, method of shipment and expected return dates.

One specific request was for the artist to have access on his phone to all contacts within the system using his normal telephone and contact screen rather than a separate specialist app which is the conventional approach.

The new gallery collection management system provides all the necessary records and other information for each piece of art in one place which can be accessed remotely whilst out of the office.


The Result – A Gallery Collections Management System

By having a single source of all information accessible from anywhere, staff can work more effectively, tracking every piece of art quicky and easily. The new gallery collections management system means that the team can organise all aspects of each collection, any shipments between galleries or exhibitions and manage the sale of each piece through 3rd party galleries, recording and tracking all costs and payments including gallery fees.