Claris FileMaker – the only system you ever need

How many business applications does it take to run your business?


What if I said just 1?

Claris FileMaker can provide that system and it doesn’t have to be a big-bang approach.

Have you heard of the FileMaker domino effect? One application built on the Claris FileMaker platform to support one part of the business often turns into two, then three, and then more and more. We see this time and time again across our client base. Let’s explore how and why.

Claris FileMaker – A launch pad for business improvement and innovation.

It’s a fact that the value of generic off-the-shelf business apps will depreciate over time as your business grows and adapts to changing market conditions. This is because the software, chosen to address a use case today will eventually sit idle or and be replaced as needs change because it cannot adapt with the changes. This risk often leads organisations to question technology investments, their strategic impact in the short term and their longevity. This can lead to inactivity as decisions are put off or shelved as the RoI is deemed poor.

Using a custom solution, crafted specifically for your business prevents this from happening by adapting and growing with you.

The road to developing a custom app on the Claris FileMaker platform typically starts with a single business requirement, such as improving the stock control process. On the face of it, off-the-shelf products may exist to do this but how do you avoid a one-and-done use case and continue to drive value as the business grows?

What’s needed is a development platform that lets you take control, instead of reinventing the wheel, allowing you to continuously innovate, to make substantial operational improvements. FileMaker systems do just this.

Ongoing, long term RoI.

The FileMaker platform is often described as being limited by only one thing – your imagination. Investing in the platform delivers endless development potential, protects both initial and ongoing investments and provides the possibility of generating value again and again.

With FileMaker, the initial app is typically just the start. Once users and IT teams start to use FileMaker, it ignites ideas and possibilities to support more users, transform more business processes, deliver efficiencies, cost savings and new revenue streams. When the first app delivers the desired results, organisations tend to assess where else benefits can be realised, to broaden impact and reach.

FileMaker makes this possible in four ways:

    • Develop apps quickly.Build additional prototypes or add functionality to an existing app easily and quickly, without impacting existing systems.
    • Help apps work in unison. Connect apps together and integrate with current business systems, such as Sage, Slack, Hubspot, MailChimp, Trello, and other apps you use each day, building a single window for all your business processes. No more switching between systems.
    • Make your data work for you. Eliminate data and business silos by leveraging data and features from the initial app and apply to other custom apps in the company. Becoming a Single Source of Truth for your activities.
    • Share apps with others, anywhere. Broaden reach by enabling seamless app access via web browsers and mobile devices. Giving external teams and partners tailored portals, offering real time information and closer engagement.

Wherever you are on the app development journey, we are here to help you accelerate business value and drive digital transformation.