Case Studies:

Automotive Parts Distributor

The Client

The client considers themselves more than just another specialist automotive parts distribution company. They are the number one parts and accessories supplier for camper vans in the UK and beyond.  Their commitment is to provide outstanding customer service, exemplified not only by their staff but by initiatives through their website, offering enthusiasts the widest selection of parts and accessories you will find on the internet.


The client wanted to replace their existing business management system, as it was no longer fit for purpose. The company had evolved and grown and the original solution could not meet their future goals and management requirements.

It was determined that a new company-wide system that linked all areas of the business, from sales, procurement, marketing, warehousing and distribution, through to invoicing and management reporting

They needed the new system to interface with their Magento website, pushing product information, stock quantities etc to the site and pulling orders down. It also had to interface with their chosen courier selection application LinnWorks ensuring that all the processes flow seamlessly across the various applications required to run their business.

They also wanted to improve workflow processes and streamline warehousing with the introduction of elements such as barcoding to the products and warehouse, as well as into the distribution chain. This would ensure data was flowing throughout the business and ensure traceability at any given point in time.


Through a competitive RFI process for a solution to provide all of the above the client selected Compass Data as their development partner; to deliver a solution based on our team’s experience, development skills and business workflow process knowledge as well as our agile approach to delivering great custom solutions.

Our initial process begins with our business analysts carrying out detailed reviews of the existing business workflow processes and systems, then making a series of recommendations to improve both.

Through the use of wireframes and flow diagrams, the process flow for each team or department and role are documented. These are then used to develop the necessary data capture points and workflow within the application, to allow us to develop the new system.


Using the Claris FileMaker platform, we have provided a comprehensive bespoke business solution that allows the client to manage every aspect of their business, both customer-facing and internal. From managing their sales channels and orders all the way to shipping, they can now process orders in record time whilst having a more accurate understanding of their stock position on a minute by minute basis. They also have much greater financial control on the business as a whole and a comprehensive suite of reports and metrics to better understand and manage the business in real-time.


Not only do they now have clearer, more accurate information on the status of all aspects of the business, but they can also bring new products to market quickly, adding them to all of the sales channels in a single click.

The new system has been instrumental in a significant increase in sales and significantly reduced delivery times, allowing the client to meet and exceed their customer expectations as well as ensuring that they are increasingly competitive in a crowded marketplace.

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