What is a proof of concept (POC)? 

What is a proof of concept and why use one?

Before you invest in any idea for your business, the more comfortable you can be that it will actually add value, the better. This is where a proof of concept comes in. The idea of a proof of concept (POC) is to design and build a scaled down version of the system, along with the necessary processes needed, to test the idea and whether it can realistically be turned into reality. Not only that, it also gives an opportunity to explore the financial potential of the system to reduce costs or increase revenues. 

A POC requires time and resources to scope, design and develop and should aim to demonstrate that the initial idea will meet customer and business requirements. To that end, the team working on the POC should include representation from all departments who would be affected by the new system. This ensures that the POC covers all bases. 

The value of a proof of concept 

The proof of concept is the first point where an organisation can check if a software solution has a chance of succeeding. Going through this process enables companies to determine if it is practical before scaling and putting production-level resources behind an untested software solution. It will identify potential technical and logistical issues that might interfere with successful development of the software.   

As a result, stakeholders can assess design choices early in the development process. The individual or team going through the process can then use a successful POC to convince stakeholders, managers, or investors that the core idea is worth pursuing. 

In software development, the proof of concept would show whether an idea is feasible from a technology standpoint. For start-ups, a POC could demonstrate financial viability. If a POC does not meet an organisation’s standards, that organisation would save the time and money of investing in an idea that wouldn’t meet requirements. 

Claris FileMaker and POC’s 

So why does FileMaker provide the perfect platform for developing Proof of Concept systems? 

Claris FileMaker is a low code, low cost software platform which allows the quick and easy development of new systems and business applications. By its very design, FileMaker allows you to: 

    • Develop apps quickly. Build additional prototypes or add functionality to an existing app easily and quickly, without impacting existing systems.
    • Help apps work in unison. Connect apps together and integrate with current business systems, such as Oracle, SAP, Sage, Slack, Hubspot, MailChimp, Trello, and other apps you use each day, building a single window for all your business processes. No more switching between systems.
    • Make your data work for you. Eliminate data and business silos by leveraging data and features from the initial app and apply to other custom apps in the company. Becoming a Single Source of Truth for your activities.
    • Share apps with others, anywhere. Broaden reach by enabling seamless app access via web browsers and mobile devices. Give external teams and partners tailored portals, offering real time information and closer engagement. 

These very traits make it an ideal platform for developing a POC.

    • It’s flexibility and ease of use means that it can be used to address almost any business application requirement. By design, building an app is quick, easy and very cost effective. It can be designed, changed, adapted to suit any changes in user requirements as the POC progresses.
    • The new systems front end can be designed to match your existing systems, making it easy to use and ‘familiar’ to users.
    • The inherent connectivity and API capabilities allow the designed system to connect to pretty much every existing system you may have, easily and at minimal cost.
    • FileMaker’s ability to allow user access via multiple channels offers maximum flexibility when rolling out both the initial POC and then to the wider community during testing. User based licensing allows total flexibility and minimises cost. 


In conclusion, using the Proof of Concept approach allows you to develop new systems in a quick and cost effective manner, ensuring it will deliver exactly what the business requires.

Claris FileMaker makes the perfect platform for developing the POC due to its flexibility, connectivity and licensing model.  

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