Using Rapid Application Development and FileMaker to turn good ideas into business efficiencies.

FileMaker provides Rapid Application Development capabilities to drive business success.


How will your company build on the success you’ve already had?

That’s the million-dollar question, one that if addressed correctly, can help you solve business problems and meet customer needs, staying ahead of your competitors.


So how do I do that?

By implementing all those good ideas bouncing around your leadership team on how to improve processes, develop new products and solutions to improve manufacturing or delivery.

The challenge occurs when these ideas join a growing list of projects waiting to be prioritised and actioned when time and resource allow. I wonder, how many potential efficiencies and revenue ideas are sitting idle in your IT backlog?

Claris FileMaker can help your business move projects of all sizes from idea to delivery of new enhanced solutions that will change business operations and giving greater rewards.

From aging to agile.

On the positive side, if you have an ever-growing backlog of ideas, it’s a clear sign that your team are engaged and looking for innovations to improve business operations that help with profitability and keeping customers happy and coming back time and again.

But often implementing these ideas is where momentum slows. So often, limited resources, across people and technology, delay progress, leaving initiatives with great promise on the back burner. Resulting in the need to pick and choose projects to action, with many others falling further down the list or getting lost altogether.

What’s needed is an agile way to continually drive innovation across your business, using your idea backlog as an advantage to better meet customer needs and address market trends more quickly.

Claris FileMaker provides an avenue for rapid app development.

Using technology to drive competitive edge starts with having the right foundation in place. This is where Claris FileMaker is advantageous. Geared for supporting rapid application development, it is the perfect tool to develop, test, and iterate new solutions in quick succession, creating one operational app right after the other.

This agile approach allows your business to:

    • Accelerate digital innovation.Create even more digital solutions which improve your business processes.
    • Reduce the need to add more technology over time.Rather than needing new technology for new processes, simply add the functionality to FileMaker, simplifying support and making uptake easier.
    • Integrate with ease.Connect data and processes across your existing systems, integrating with popular systems like Sage 200, Slack, DocuSign, and more.
    • Grow with confidence.Know your custom applications built with Claris FileMaker will scale and evolve with your business.

FileMaker increases sales and enhances customer engagement.

When you continuously innovate, using FileMaker to turn ideas into reality again and again, you create efficiencies that lead to improved business metrics such as customer satisfaction and revenue with a fast ROI. Check out this example from an automotive client.

Another example is a manufacturing client who experienced a 50% efficiency improvement when quoting almost immediately. Looking to add flexibility and simplify their processes, the company integrated a new operational quotation app with its Sage 200 system, creating a dynamic hub for improved customer engagement and sales.

Proof of Concepts

Even if your ultimate aim isn’t to use FileMaker, perhaps because you have another language in use today, FIieMaker makes the perfect tool for Proof of Concept trials of ideas. Many Enterprise clients find that the cost and necessary time to develop PoC trials on their mainstream platforms is just too prohibitive so potentially business changing ideas get lost. With FileMaker it is quick and easy to develop the trial systems at minimal cost and then migrate to the mainstream solution once the business case is proven.

Differentiate your business today.

Build app development momentum with help from one of our developers, we’re happy to help.