Keeping business costs low in a challenging economy

How a bespoke software system can reduce your costs

With costs for everything, from utilities, raw materials and labour on the rise, every business is trapped between rising procurement costs and the  increasingly difficult decision to pass these costs on to clients who themselves are tightly squeezed by cost-of-living pressures. To maintain prices while procurement costs are rising, we need to find creative ways to control internal costs and overheads.

For many, one of the largest components of their cost ledger is staffing costs, either through monthly wage increases or hiring and training new staff to replace those who seek greater renumeration elsewhere. Whilst we can do nothing about staff leaving, we can help you identify areas where your processes may be streamlined to improve operational efficiencies and in doing so, possibly even free up some of the staff involved at each stage, so they can be reassigned to address more profitable activities.

Compass Data can work with you and your team to analyse your current operations, reviewing them against you goals and objectives. We will identify and catalogue any current known issues, any areas where we believe improvements can be made to existing processes or where it may be beneficial or replace your systems with more efficient ones.

Whilst we approach every consultancy with an open mind, we often find that businesses are using multiple, disconnected systems to manage separate parts of the business. This approach can be an inherently labour-intensive approach and can introduce inefficiencies such as user errors, through having to use several systems and duplicated manual entry of information.  Utilising a bespoke system, designed specifically for your business not only removes all these failure points, it will bring operational efficiencies, competitive advantage, improved client and staff satisfaction and many other benefits.

If you don’t want a big bang approach, you can start small with just one area of your business, perhaps a stock control system or CRM, and then your bespoke system can grow by adding other areas or new features to support your business for many years, never becoming obsolete as many ‘standard’ systems do.

Imagine having a business management system which continues to offer maximum benefits and flexibility to the business no matter how you, your client’s expectations, or the market changes. With a bespoke system you can, always maintaining your competitive advantage.

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