How many different business systems do you really need?

As a growing business internal systems are never a priority, Happy customers are!

As your business grows success by success, the internal processes which are necessary to support the business growth also have to grow and change. When you start out you probably didn’t have much in the way of process tools, everything was on paper. Over time you will have added automated systems one at a time in different parts of your business. This means that usually the vital processes which manage your business are a hotchpotch of different apps / systems bought at different times to do different things. Have you ever wondered how much time is lost daily or weekly trying to use them day to day switching between tools dependant on need,  not to mention trying to keep them operational and up to date.  Of course, that’s if you actually have systems rather than spreadsheets, which would mean having to manually reenter information multiple times on separate sheets? How much time does that take out of your day?

We can make your system much more effective with a custom developed solution, tailor made to work the way you do, unlike off the shelf solutions which usually require you to change your practices to suit their model and view on how things should be done, right down to location numbering within your warehouse. A custom software solution gives you a system which works exactly as you want it to. It give you cost efficiencies whilst meeting your business objectives exactly.

Over the years we’ve done just this for a number of companies, from an online flooring retailer to one of the largest specialist automotive parts company, helping them to streamline everything from stock control, customer orders, warehouse control and distribution all whilst adapting and changing to meet the demands of Brexit for overseas shipping.

Ultimately these changes mean that you business will become more effective at meeting the customers needs in the shortest possible time, increasing customer satisfaction and repeat business. All whilst giving you the tools to make better business decisions in real time that allow your business to grow and prosper.

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