FileMaker 19.2 launched

Claris FileMaker 19.2 – Now Available

With Claris FileMaker 19.2, create apps faster than ever in Claris FileMaker Pro and now Claris FileMaker Cloud, boost FileMaker Cloud performance, and take hours off of Claris FileMaker Server upgrades.

Claris FileMaker Pro

Get more out of the quick start experience  in FileMaker Pro 19.2 with a preview update (macOS, English only).
This fall we tested a new quick start experience to get your feedback on the best ways to simplify app development. Based on your input, we’ve made additional enhancements to this experience in FileMaker Pro.

FileMaker Pro 19.2 also includes macOS Big Sur bug fixes, new features to control plug-in access between files, and more.

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Claris FileMaker Cloud 2.19.2

Get a sneak peek of creating apps right in your browser — no FileMaker Pro required.Start creating your custom apps directly in FileMaker Cloud with this preview experience. No need to install FileMaker Pro. Just click “Create New” in the Claris Customer Console and you’re on your way. Then just use the Edit button to continue expanding your apps. You’ll be able to build FileMaker apps faster than ever.Get an instant performance boost with a free upgrade.To provide you with the best FileMaker Cloud experience, we are immediately upgrading instances (virtual computing environments) at no charge so that customers will have the right amount of computing power to run their cloud-hosted apps. For example, if you’re running on a medium instance type, you’ll automatically be upgraded to a large instance at no additional cost. In addition, you’ll be able to upload large apps to FileMaker Cloud faster with a new Admin API.Learn more >

Claris FileMaker Server upgrades

Upgrade to FileMaker Server 19.2 faster from FileMaker Server 16 and later (Windows and macOS).FileMaker Server 16, 17, 18 customers can experience faster, simpler upgrades to FileMaker Server 19.2 with an improved installer. The installer now preserves your user data and configuration as well as automatically saves your settings. And, there’s no need to uninstall FileMaker Server to upgrade. Running on the latest version ensures optimal performance, security, and operating system compatibility.FileMaker Server 19.2 also includes HTTP/2 support, a new cancel find capability, a preview of new enhancements to the Admin API, and more.Learn more >

Installation notes:

FileMaker Server 19.2.1 is available as a full installer. Download the installer from your Claris Electronic Software Download (ESD) page or from Claris Customer Console ( For further information, see FileMaker Server Help ( or visit the support resources on our website ( PHP is no longer installed with FileMaker Server. After an upgrade, the folder FileMaker ServerWeb Publishingpublishing-enginephp is no longer present. To preserve your existing PHP installation, back up the PHP folder and restore it after the upgrade is complete.

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