Complete product quoting for Sage 200

The Quote Builder brings a greater level of flexibility to customers using Sage 200 and Sage Manufacturing, Sage CRM or Sicon Manufacturing Modules when generating sales quotes.

As a widely recognised accounting system. Sage 200 quite rightly follows the tenant that once data is written in, things cannot change. Whilst this is a very positive attribute when it comes to an accounting package, it creates several restrictions when the system is expanded to be used for other functions such as sales quotations or a product configuration system.

This amalgamation of systems is becoming much more common these days and companies like Sage are adding modules to their core systems to provide additional functionality which allows them to compete in the market. Indeed, many Sage 200 clients now use the Sage CRM module as their single point of user data, which of course is used when generating sales quotes. However as good as these modules are, they cannot overcome the base requirement of the accounting system that once written in, things cannot be removed or changed, they need to be reversed out as good accounting practice dictates.

Why is this an issue?

Well, when a manufacturer or product reseller has highly customisable product(s), it is virtually impossible for them to provide bespoke quotes to clients unless they wish to spend many hours adding every single permutation into Sage as a Bill of Materials (BoM), which is a very time intensive activity, not to mention resource expensive.

The Quote Builder was developed in conjunction with several clients against real life requirements and activities, interfaces to Sage 200, Sage CRM, Sage Manufacturing and Sicon Manufacturing Modules providing quotation flexibility allowing your team to configure quotes easily, including multiple revisions with any modification necessary quickly and easily, without requiring new BoMs  to be added to Sage.

  • The Quote Builder is easily customised to reflect the customers product set exactly, including product specifics such as product numbering, descriptions, images and much more.
  • It can be branded using your colour palette and icons.
  • The Quote Builder interfaces with Sage CRM for the client details to auto populate the quote and products can be built based on a series of your predefined options added to the system, allowing a quote to be easily built and emailed directly from The Quote Builder.
  • Quotes sent can be retrieved within the system, revised, and reissued easily.
  • The system can also store additional information such as works order information and expected time estimates used to build the Scope of Work documentation. This means that all the information can be presented to Sage Manufacturing in a single package.

Once the quote is accepted and the order placed, the quote is converted to an order. This raises a Bill of Materials, a Scope of Works and other order documentation to be pushed into Sage for processing at which time the system archives the quote.

This flexibility allows multiple versions of the quote to be generated quickly and easily modified without any impact to Sage. Previous quotes can be duplicated and resent with different revision numbers or indeed as a new quote speeding up Sales response times and improving both customer and staff satisfaction.

The Quote Builder offers Sage 200 users the flexibility to respond to the changing sales landscape quickly and easily ensuring that you maintain your competitive edge in your market, reducing costs through more efficient use of time and improve customer satisfaction by improving sales response times.