Updated Claris roadmap released

In April 2022, Claris announced a new dual platform roadmap

This strategy was to allow both the continued use of Claris FileMaker and the introduction of the new Claris Cloud based platform including Claris Studio, a tool with cloud-native capabilities so you can build responsive and secure web-based views of your data. 

The original aim of the dual pronged approach was to protect their extensive and varied client base who rely on Claris FileMaker Pro to operate their businesses, but to open new markets, where hosted web-based services were targeted with new technologies to enable greater market penetration into the web-based database markets. 

Updated Claris roadmap

In September 2023 after further consultation with clients and the development community, they realised that branching off to create two offerings was adding a layer of complexity to the platform that was unnecessary and with some modifications to the Claris Studio offering, could combine all power of Claris Studio, along with Claris Connect to work seamlessly with the existing Claris FileMaker Platform, thus reducing the need to add a second platform 

Over the next few months, Claris FileMaker 2023 customers will be able to sign up to use Claris Studio without cost and integrate Claris Studio with existing FileMaker solutions. This will allow users to build web-based views of their data in Claris Studio, integrating that data with their FileMaker applications.  

Additionally in the following months, they will transition the unique Claris Pro functionality into FileMaker, creating one powerful platform, comprised of Claris FileMaker, Claris Connect, and Claris Studio. As part of this plan, they will also deprecate Claris Pro (including Claris Go, Claris WebDirect, and Claris Server).  

Moving forward the complete toolset for Claris FileMaker will include Claris FileMaker Pro, Claris FileMaker Go, Claris FileMaker WebDirect, Claris FileMaker Server, and Claris FileMaker Cloud.  

Other  platform enhancements   include: 

  • For Claris Connect,
    • Adding the ability to create custom connectors,
    • Support for a QuickBooks sandbox environment,
    • New prebuilt connectors including a Claris Studio connector.  
  • For Claris FileMaker, 
    • More performance, scalability, and reliability (PSR) improvements
    • Adding support for the latest Apple operating systems that will be available later in the year.  

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