Bespoke asset management of your collection

What do we mean by Asset Management?

When we think about asset management, we tend to think of either a financial stock trading system or a product stock management system (for raw materials as well as finished goods). Indeed, when you research Asset management systems online, these tend to be the results you find. But what about those other assets? Art for example, or costume collections in theatres or a museum?  

How do these systems accommodate assets which are outside the norm? The answer is that they don’t. They’re just not geared up to do so, there are some market specific solutions, but they can be restrictive and may not be fully adaptable to your needs or collections. 

The Compass Data approach to asset management

Compass Data have addressed this for many clients, from private collectors to large institutions, we have provided solutions which manage disparate portfolios such as museum collections, props used in theatre shows, private art collections and even luxury cars. 

These systems not only contain basic identifying information about the product such as descriptions, dimensions, and photos, but also: 

    • Insurance details, provenance and other history relating to the item,  
    • Past, present, and future location information relating to the asset if they get loaned or rented,  
    • Shipping requirements and costs including preferred carriers for shipping, 

and much more. 

How do we do this? By developing bespoke systems for clients based on our established Asset Management System core structure which is then adapted to completely match your requirement. Being completely configurable, it can be adapted to completely match your collection and to hold all the information about it in one place. 

The many benefits of doing this include: 

    • The ability to access all the information in one place from anywhere, on your mobile, laptop or any device.  
    • Holding all the information in one place means that everything is readily available and decisions about the collection can be made almost instantly. 
    • When considering new exhibitions, all items can be searched on the system, locations identified, and plans made easily and quickly. 
    • Comprehensive asset management makes auditing easy and can improve security. Lost or stolen assets can be quickly identified, and the correct information easily provided at every stage of the recovery process. 


Check out these client examples: