Web portals – What are they? 

Your website is very much the shop window to your business for new and existing customers, but can you do more with it? Enter web portals.

So, what are the options? If you’re running an online shop and need a card payment system, then solutions such as Stripe are perfect. However, when you need to share a selection of information with clients, then you will need either a Web Application or a Web Portal.

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Exploring the Basics of API Integration

An API or Application Programming Interface to use the full name, is a piece of software that allows one system to talk to another, in a structured format. It works by using a pre-defined set of standard programming language calls to enable each system to communicate

There are a few different kinds of APIs, which whilst doing the same job, do work in different ways.

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The Business Case for Custom Software 

Businesses of all types and sizes depend on software for managing their activities. Whether it’s a simple Excel spreadsheet or a more complex application, the effectiveness of the chosen approach is fundamental to successfully innovating and growing the business whilst increasing profitability. So why use custom software?

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Updated Claris roadmap released

In September 2023 Claris decided to combine the power of Claris Studio, along with Claris Connect to work seamlessly with the existing Claris FileMaker Platform.

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7 benefits of bespoke software

A bespoke software system is designed to match a client’s business needs exactly.

It is a perfect solution to handle all current working practices, easily integrating with other systems and offering no restriction on how you can work. Particularly when compared with off-the-shelf software solutions which usually need users to change the way they work.

A bespoke system also offers other benefits over off-the-shelf software, especially in terms of, scalability, security, longevity, and flexibility.

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What type of database is best?

Choosing the wrong database may not only cause performance issues or restrictions from the outset, but when the project grows it will certainly become an issue, whether problems are caused by the amount of data held, type of data, integration with other system, or the number of users required to access the data having the right platform helps to address them. These are just a few examples that need consideration.

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Keeping business costs low in a challenging economy

With costs for everything, from utilities, raw materials and labour on the rise, every business is trapped between rising costs whilst maintain customer pricing. To maintain prices while procurement costs are rising, we need to find creative ways to control internal costs and overheads.

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How can bespoke software help my business?

In today’s fast moving business environment, the software you use to control and manage your business is of paramount importance. Using the right software system will not only streamline all possible workflow processes, it will help ensure your business runs efficiently.

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