Bespoke asset management of your collection

By developing bespoke systems for clients based on our established Asset Management System core structure Compass Data can deliver a system completely adapted to match your collection and to hold all the information about it in one place.

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Exploring the Basics of API Integration

An API or Application Programming Interface to use the full name, is a piece of software that allows one system to talk to another, in a structured format. It works by using a pre-defined set of standard programming language calls to enable each system to communicate

There are a few different kinds of APIs, which whilst doing the same job, do work in different ways.

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What is a proof of concept (POC)? 

What is a proof of concept and why use one?
Before you invest in any idea for your business, the more comfortable you can be that it will actually add value, the better. The idea of a proof of concept (POC) is to design and build a scaled down version of the system, along with the necessary processes needed, to test the idea and whether it can realistically be turned into reality. Not only that, it also gives an opportunity to explore the financial potential of the system to reduce costs or increase revenues.

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The Business Case for Custom Software 

Businesses of all types and sizes depend on software for managing their activities. Whether it’s a simple Excel spreadsheet or a more complex application, the effectiveness of the chosen approach is fundamental to successfully innovating and growing the business whilst increasing profitability. So why use custom software?

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Audit logging in FileMaker

Until now, Claris® FileMaker has not had a native auditing capability, relying instead on third party add-ons. Claris® FileMaker 2023 resolves this by having the capability built natively which makes it easy to design correct audit logging for each bespoke application.

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New Claris certifications introduced

With the new and expanded capabilities of the Claris platform and the corresponding diverse skillset required of Claris FileMaker developers, means that the learning materials and credential requirements also needed to be upgraded and modernised.

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