Development Skills

We have the ability to design and build almost any type of system you may need to manage your business. Whether a Sales Management and Quotation System through to a full Business Information Management System, designed to  match your business needs as well helping you to digitise your workflow processes.

Why a custom system – why not an off the shelf system?

At first glance it can appear that an off the shelf system will meet your needs often at a headline lower price than a custom built system, but when you look closer it is not always the case.

  • They may appear  to have a lower initial cost but most need some kind of ‘customisation’ and this often is much more than the initial license cost.
  • They are often rigid in their application so they cannot adapt to your needs and you are forced to change your business practices
  • The ongoing license costs over a few years can be greater than building a custom developed system
  • They cannot always adapt and change as your business grows so they are often obsolete after a few years whilst a customer system can grow and be enhanced as you business grows.

Sometimes only a solution built on demand will suffice.

We create bespoke software and web portals that address real business issues, fixing problems and offering tangible benefits on a day to day basis.

We are committed to the quality of our work and the solutions we provide our clients. We firmly believe in building strong mutual partnerships with our clients over the long term and work actively with them to achieve their goals. By understanding these goals and working closely with our clients at every stage, (especially the planning stage), our developers ensure that these goals are met.

Software solutions

Imagine – All the features you want, customised to support your exact needs and wants. From simple web portals for your business to a full e-commerce website development, supported by a bespoke CRM system, we can create the ideal solution to support your business case. Start small with a stock control system and add to it over time. We have many clients who did just this – from a small CRM system which grew into a full business intelligence and asset management system running the whole business from one place.

Skills and technologies

Our custom software development work is created using many different tools and development languages. With over 20 years experience building systems using elements such as FileMaker, Java, PHP and mySQL we are confidant we can meet you needs. We also have a wealth of experience in integration with other systems and applications such as Sage, wooCommerce, email and many more. When building any system, we recognise that you may not want to replace all your systems in one go and always agree the best approach with you before starting. This often means integrating with existing or new systems for particular purposes, for example if you use Sage for financial reporting or MailChimp for marketing.

In the past we have helped Manufactures, Charities, Finance companies, Telecoms Businesses, Wood Flooring Companies and many more.

Contact us to see how we can help your business.